Jay-Z’s Retirement Plan: “Get Fat”

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Rapper Jay-Z, 40, who semi-retired from music in 2003 to become the CEO of Def Jam records, has a retirement plan for himself and wife Beyonce Knowles.

Jay-Z reveals that he has a “Marlon Brando retirement plan” in the future.

The CEO of Def Jam records wants to live on a private island, employ a “genius chef”, smoke cigars, drink fine wines and get fat. Jay-Z says,  “That’s what I enjoy. That’s the payback for all the hard work.

“Beyonce will be on the island too. But I don’t think she plans to get as fat as me. I’m gonna be fat.”

The rapper, whose real name is Shawn Carter, also said in his interview that a high point in his career was when Bono of U2 invited him and his wife to his home in St. Tropez, France.

Jay-Z said to Q magazine: “That’s an invite everyone cherishes. Bono is an ambassador for the game. He’s not, ‘I’m Bono. F**k off.' He’s still a musician trying to make the ultimate album.”

What do you think of Jay-Z’s “big” plans?

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