NBA: Would Suns Really Consider Keeping Vince Carter?

| by Off The Record

The Phoenix Suns are facing a very serious dilemma that actually isn’t a dilemma at all. They have to decide what they want to do with aging guard Vince Carter.

And it would be absolute Vinsanity to keep him. They could waive him and owe him $4 million (imagine getting that kind of money to essentially be fired from your job), or keep him and owe him $18 million for next year. $18 million….seriously. And NBA salaries aren’t out of whack?

So, they could pay $18 million to a 34-year old guy that lost his starting job this season to Jared Dudley. Think they will?

We agree with beat writer Paul Caro on this one, who thinks it’s pretty certain that the team will move on from Carter.

While we don’t think Carter is complete toast at this point, we can’t see a team giving him significant money to be a starter in the league anymore.

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