Crisis in Gaza

Israeli Soldier Killed on Border, Gaza Cease Fire in Jeopardy

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GAZA --- Responding to a militants' bomb that detonated on the border and left one soldier dead, Israeli aircraft fired on smugglers' tunnels in Gaza Wednesday, international press organizations reported.

Despite a cease fire between Hamas and Israel, the latest exchange has put the temporary peace in jeopardy. Ehud Olmert, Prime Minister of Israel, delivered a warning to Hamas, saying a "further response" could be forthcoming.

The Israeli military's action "was not a response but a preliminary action," Olmert said.

The New York Times quoted an Israeli military official as saying a remote-detonated bomb was planted "along the border by someone who slipped across in the fog."

"This is a harsh attack and we cannot accept it," Defense Minister Ehud Barak said. "And we will respond."

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