Does My Teen have Unhealthy Obsession with Justin Bieber?

| by MomLogic

Kate MeyersIt's not because she has his poster on the ceiling above her bed, or because she's filled a file with all of his news clippings, or because she cried when she heard that he'd appeared at this year's Kids' Choice Awards (we had gone last year; why couldn't she have seen him in person?!). 

I put all that under being 15 and dreamy. But when my daughter looks at me across the dinner table and says, "I believe that Justin and I are destined to be together," that's when I start to worry. I don't know whether to play along and say that I don't think famous guys make the best life partners, or to just smile because silence evades trouble.

But then I have to get out of my mom skin and remember the time I was 15 and screamed, "I HATE YOU" to my mother after she informed me that I couldn't go to a Bruce Springsteen concert because I had a friend visiting from out of town and I didn't have a ticket for her. (So spoiled was I that I considered it fine to leave said friend at home to be entertained by my parents.) Then I fast-forward to my early working days in New York, when my colleagues at Self Magazine put a condolence card on my desk the day Bruce got married.

OK, so the-apple-and-the-tree thing applies. I still love Bruce, but I am no longer in love with him. I'm sure my daughter will come to earth sooner than I did. And as a vote of confidence, my wake-up song to her this morning was a motherly rendition of "Baby" -- during which I was greeted with the most beautiful smile.

Is YOUR kid obsessed with Justin Bieber?

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