Imagine the Life You Wish to Live & LIVE IT! w/ Nancy Kate Williams & Shannon Paige Schneider | July 10th Vail, CO

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Vail, CO! Don’t miss this great workshop with Nancy Kate Williams and Shannon Paige Schneider at the Vail Cascade Resort!

Nancy Kate and Shannon will be co-teaching a 2 hour workshop on Sunday, July 10th – more information below from the event website:

Imagine the Life You Wish to Live & LIVE IT!

Sunday, July 10th 5pm – 7pm

We are energetic beings meant to create and have the power to manifest our dreams. Re-align to your highest intentions, embody your own courage & strength, and open your heart & mind to infinite possibilities within yourSelf. In this workshop we will engage Conscious Flow, using alignment principles in a vinyasa style class to create a sustainable practice that supports nourishing one to the core of their being and then radiating their light from the inside out! Join us as we play with finding our center in asymmetrical backbends, reaching back into our past to honor the accomplishments made & lessons learned, moving heart first into our future, and embracing who we are in the moment!

About Nancy Kate

Nancy Kate’s enchantment for the practice shines in her ability to hold space for students to go inside and create personal transformation in a lively, loving and supportive environment. Her classes focus on integrity of alignment and intention in every moment with sequencing that is thoughtful, deliberate, balanced and challenging. She trusts that it is through this precise way of practicing that we create awareness to learn about ourSelves and how we relate to the world, deepening all the connections in our lives. Her teaching style has been influenced by many styles and teachers, some including Maya Yoga with Nicki Doane & Eddie Modestini as well as Prana Flow with Shannon Paige Schneider who she currently co-directs teacher training programs with in Boulder, CO. From these amazing opportunities her teaching style unfolded into a fun, fluid vinyasa practice with alignment which she calls Conscious Flow.

About Shannon

Living fully as an author, sacred activist, inspired life coach, and dedicated teacher of Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow Vinyasa Yoga, Shannon is an expressive student of the symbolic nature of Tantra and mystic poetry. She interweaves her students’ unique purpose driven inspiration into the divine play of body and breath to unlock the secret wisdom held within the heart. Her classes, one-on-one sessions, and workshops are dedicated to a sense of mystery and wonder within a vinyasa of self-honoring, self-cultivation, and radical self-participation. Shannon is the founder and yoga director of om time yoga centers and Anjali Restorative Yoga. She draws her creative influences from her many teachers:  Shiva Rea, Douglas Brooks, Lorin Roche, Sianna Sherman, Chris Tompkins, Harrish Wallace, John Friend, and Paul Mueller Ortega. When off the mat, Shannon strives to support non-profits and direct inspiration and resources through her relationship with Zobha’s Circle of Grace and Off the Mat Into the World to many causes and populations of need of love, devotion, and energy.

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