Ignite your Inner Fire & Welcome the Summer SOULstice!

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Summertime is a beautiful time to celebrate life, energy, and the power within each of us!

This article was written by our friend and NYC yogini, Katy Matthews – enjoy!

Welcome Summer SOULstice

Put the soul in your solstice… the time is NOW, to stoke the fire from within,  and really focus on making some beautiful transitions. The word solstice is derived from Latin, Sol, meaning sun and sistere, to stand still, and it is the day of the year with the longest period of daylight. The summer solstice is such an important time,the solar energy is high, and the heat is flowing through everyone and everything; inward and outward. Agni is very prevolent and if used correctly during this time, the fire ignited can really help you to accomplish some major tasks.

Your soul, and body is on fire! Use this fire energy to intertwine them and utilize that passion, desire, and drive that we all have dwelling within us. It is a perfect time to honor the sacred fire that lives in us all, re-ignite our passions, or desires or our goals,thoughts, ideas that we have let slip away… Summer is a very carefree time but also, a very devotional time where we can really re-visit those spaces in us that we have left dormant for a while. Although we have a lot of high energy and fire going on during this time of year, it is also important to take the time to sit still, and look within and that fire burning within ourselves.

As we all know very well, if fire is not contained and managed in the correct way, it can spin out of control… but if you tend to your sacred fire within; you can unleash such a beautiful power. This is a great time to re-discover the art of discipline while still enjoying the lightness of summer. Maybe you can find your balance and discipline  with a new mantra for the summer,  a very solar igniting yoga practice, kriyas, or a cooling (or maybe a heat igniting) pranayama practice. Or maybe it is introducing something completely new into your life that you have been meaning to do… like finally picking up that hulahoop,  taking those painting classes you have been thinking about, or rock climbing up that mountain. Whatever it is, the fire is here to serve you, and what better time to conquer new things, physically and mentally?

The days are saturated with sun and light… and so is your entire being! Surrendering is the ultimate embrace during this auspicious time of year! Celebrate, ignite, and unleash… wahe!