Hugh Hefner Plans TV Special on Crystal Harris Breakup

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Hugh Hefner may not have been single for long since he was dumped just days before we was to marry Crystal Harris. Included was to be a big Lifetime Television special to air on the nuptials.

And now a TV special of the getting dumped kind will air in its place.

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"The marriage special planned for Lifetime TV is now going to have a 'runaway bride' theme and will air in July," he wrote on Twitter Wednesday night. "Holly and Kendra were here today lending their emotional support as we shot [the special]."

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The "getting dumped" special airs July 13th. Will you be watching?

Since being dumped, Anna Sophia Berglund (Crystal's best friend) has moved into his bedroom. Did we also mention the Shannon Twins moved back in? So it's like a trio of girls-next-door again.