NBA News: Dwight Howard to Stay with Magic?

| by Off The Record

One of the big questions in the NBA right now is what will happen to Orlando Magic big man Dwight Howard? Many think it’s a foregone conclusion that he ends up in Los Angeles playing for the Lakers.

But, sources tell Local 6 Sports Director David Pingalore that Howard actually spent Memorial Day weekend working on a two-year contract extension to stay in Orlando. The sources say that the deal is all but signed.

Howard, meanwhile, tried to quell a lot of the talk about where he will play in the future.

“I just got tired of everybody asking me ‘Where am I gonna go? Are you going to stay? Everybody in Orlando is asking me’,” Howard tweeted. “So it was like, you know what? I want everybody to get their minds off something that is not gonna happen.”

Keep in mind that Local 6 doesn’t have a history of breaking news stories, so keep that in mind when reading this. We’ll all find out together when something does or doesn’t happen.

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