Video: Five Yoga Poses to Boost Mood

Yoga is an ancient practice that benefits both body and mind. Though we often turn to yoga to slim our thighs and flatten our bellies, it also provides countless benefits for your mind and your mood. Initially the practice of yoga was designed to ready the body for meditation. Though today most of us don’t meditate on a regular basis, the physical practice of asana (or yoga poses) can be used as a tool to tap into the self in a way that most other physical endeavors cannot. By linking movement and breath, yoga unites the inner and outer body, and by working proper alignment and muscular engagement in the poses, we seek to align more fully with our authentic selves. If you’ve ever been to a yoga class, hopefully you’ve experienced that euphoric feeling that is achieved by practicing mindfulness and breath work in conjunction with the physical postures. Whether you’re an adept yogi or completely new to the practice, yoga can benefit you! I’ve put together the below short video to enable you to quickly tap into the mood-boosting benefits of asana. This simple five-pose routine will get you smiling and set you right with the world in no time flat.

5 Yoga Poses to Give Your Mood a Lift

Got those? Now let's put them together in this video!

Now...don't you feel better already? —Cailen Ascher Cailen Ascher is a yoga blogger and teacher, and the founder of CALM Yoga, which offers on-site yoga classes at your home, place of work, school or event. On her blog, Lifestyle Maven, she shares personal advice, recipes and yoga inspiration for cultivating health and unearthing happiness. Through both her writing and yoga teaching, Cailen seeks to deliver practices that put you in touch with your authentic self and ultimately transform your life