Students Angry Over Michelle Obama's Healthy Vending Machines (Photos)

| by Dominic Kelly

Students across the country are apparently feeling cheated by the Obama Administration, specifically First Lady Michelle, after a recent overhaul on vending machines in schools to feature more healthy options in an overall effort to fight obesity.

Since President Barack Obama took office in 2009, First Lady Michelle Obama has made it one of her main missions to bring new life to school-provided foods around the country. In the past couple of years, new standards have been set for healthy lunches, and as this new school year starts, vending machines seem to be the primary focus.

(via IJ Review)

Since many schools have been back in session, teens have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration at the lack of options that the new vending machines provide.

“Michelle Obama is single handedly ruining my life by changing school lunch and the vending machines,” tweeted one student who is obviously passionate about her junk food intake.

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“How about Michelle Obama quit worrying about the vending machines and worry about how terrible school lunches are. Like that’s cardboard,” tweeted another angry student.

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Some students seem to have taken matters into their own hands, however, and are starting to bring in their favorite sugary snacks from outside of school.

“Smuggling junk food in my purse to school because there’s only healthy food in the vending machines,” wrote one Twitter user.

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Many think that taking junk food out of schools will only force more students to bring in outside food and will not actually make them any healthier, but some have applauded Michelle and the Obama administration for their efforts. Do you think healthy vending machines will help solve the obesity epidemic in America?

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