New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez May Require Women to Prove "Forcible Rape" to get Childcare Assistance

| by Michael Allen

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez is proposing to require a "forcible rape" test for women seeking childcare assistance for a child that resulted from rape.

The current law requires that women seeking childcare assistance to prove that they have done everything possible to get child support from the father of their child (or children).

If passed, New Mexico's new childcare assistance regulations would require that women, seeking assistance for children conceived from rape, prove they were forcibly violated, reports rhrealitycheck.org.

Critics say that the proposed law would require women who were not "forcibly raped" (per the state's means test) to contact the man who raped them and seek child support before getting assistance from the state.

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The policy could also change the definition of rape as it applies in other parts of state law.