Video: Elizabeth Escalona Gets 99 Years in Jail for Gluing Daughter's Hands to Wall


Elizabeth Escalona was sentenced to 99 years in jail, on Friday, in Dallas, Texas, for beating her young daughter Jocelyn and gluing her hands to a wall (video below).

Escalona was arrested after child services reported her to police, reports WFAA-TV.

According to the police report, Escalona allegedly “kicked her daughter in the stomach, beat her with a milk jug, then stuck her hands to an apartment wall with an adhesive commonly known as Super Glue.”

Escalona pleaded guilty to a felony of child injury in July.

Jocelyn is now in the care of her grandmother Ofelia Escalona, who also has Escalona's four other children.

Escalona is 23 years old, which means the punishment is a life sentence.


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