Mom Wants Everyone To Learn From Daughter's Mistake

| by Sarah Zimmerman

A mother's Facebook post describing her daughter's near-fatal incident with alcohol has gone viral and serves as a warning to teens and parents across the nation.  

Massachusetts mom Melissa Aho thought her 15-year-old daughter Ryleigh Ackles was simply going to a friend's house for a sleepover, according to WFXT. 

"She has always been very good about communicating with me and checking in with me," Aho wrote on Facebook. "But her plans changed that night and the series of events that followed are nothing that any family should have to experience."

She received a Facebook message at 1 a.m. saying that her daughter was passed out, after drinking too much Ciroc vodka. One of the teen's acquaintances dropped her at home and Aho called 911.

"I opened the car door to see my daughter, lifeless and foaming at the mouth covered in vomit," she writes.

Emergency responders administered the anti-overdose medication Narcan four separate times to try and stop the effects of alcohol poisoning to no avail. Ryleigh had an almost fatal blood alcohol level of .28, according to WFXT. A level of .30 is reported to be deadly.

In the hospital, while Ryleigh was put on a respirator, her mother felt a whirlwind of emotions, unsure how her daughter would respond to the treatment. 

"I suffered 14 long hours pleading and begging for my daughter's life, experiencing flashbacks from the moment she was born," Aho wrote.

Luckily, Ryleigh survived the ordeal and is expected to make a full recovery. Now, Aho hopes that others can learn from her ordeal. In her Facebook post, she addressed teens and parents separately.

To teens, she said not to worry about the consequences and to make sure to help a friend in need.

"[O]nly 1 girl who was not even her friend but an acquaintance stayed with her, trying to find a way to get my information and she succeeded," Aho wrote. "... I'm sharing our experience so that EVERY TEEN who may come to be in this situation will NOT get in trouble for getting someone help!!!! You have the ability to SAVE a precious life!!!!!"

She then told parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of binge drinking.

"Don't ever think this couldn't happen to you because it is very real and it's everywhere!!!" she writes alongside a picture of her daughter on a respirator. "Our pictures of her may be disturbing to some but our hopes are in sharing our pain we may be able to PREVENT AND SAVE ANOTHER CHILD!!! SHARE OUR STORY!!!"

So far, the post has garnered over 17,000 shares.

Sources: WFXT, Melissa Aho/Facebook / Photo credits: Melissa Aho/Facebook

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