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Texas State Senator Jane Nelson Introduces Bill to Allow Children to Consent to Vaccinations

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Texas State Senator Jane Nelson (R) recently introduced a bill that would allow some children to consent to receiving vaccines without parental consent.

The bill, S.B. 63, states that a "child may consent to the child's own immunization if the child: (1)  is pregnant; or (2)  is the parent of a child and has actual custody of that child."

According to InfoWars.com, the bill also states that “a health care provider or facility may rely on the written statement of the child containing the grounds on which the child has capacity to consent.”

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill in 2011, which allowed girls as young as 12 to receive the HPV vaccine without their parents' consent, reports FoxNews.com.

Some parents oppose the HPV vaccine because they claim it will encourage their children to become sexually active.

The HPV vaccine is taken to protect the person from 'human papillomavirus,' the leading cause of cervical cancer.

Source: InfoWars.com and StateTX.US and FoxNews.com

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