Fox News Creates New Obamacare Website Scandal (Video)


Fox News was recently exposed for having three couples falsely claim that they had experienced an "Obamacare train wreck" on a Sean Hannity special.

While the Obamacare website has had problems, similar to President Bush's rollout of his 2006 Medicare drug program, Obamacare's HealthCare.gov has been pounded by the conservative media.

A recent mistaken report by NBC News on Twitter has fueled Fox News' latest false reports about the Obamacare website (video below).

On Friday night, NBC Nightly News tweeted, "White House to take down new health care website for repairs due to continued glitches."

Later that night, NBC News issued a clarification update on Twitter:

"Clarification: http://HealthCare.gov will be taken down over the wknd btwn 1-5am ET so tech. experts can work out probs w/ the system (1/2)."

"Clarification: http://HealthCare.govĀ  will only be down temp., during times specified, for maintenance. We apologize for the confusion (2/2)."

According to MediaMatters.org, Fox News simply ignored the clarifications and created a new Obamacare scandal via Fox News Sunday with host Chris Wallace.

To lead off a discussion against health care reform, Wallace told his guest Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), "The federal website for Obamacare is once again down for repairs this weekend."

However, Healthcare.gov was not down for the entire weekend as Wallace falsely claimed.

Sources: Twitter, HealthCare.gov, Philly.com, MediaMatters.org


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