Man Uses Bottle As Sex Toy, Pays The Price

| by Sean Kelly

A man had his penis completely removed after reportedly attempting to use a bottle as a sex toy. 

The man got his penis stuck for a shocking four days after using the bottle to perform a sex act, allegedly in an attempt to relieve sexual frustration because he didn’t have a wife or a girlfriend. When he arrived at the hospital, doctors said his penis was “black and decaying.”

“It’s a strange case, it’s happened before, bit it’s still strange,” urologist Dr. Dennis Chirinos said. “We had a 50-year-old patient, that, because he didn’t have a girlfriend or a wife, wanted to relieve his sexual frustration. So he put his penis in a bottle and this caused the death and necrosis of the penis."

"When he arrived four days later we had to amputate the penis completely because it was completely dead. When you put your penis into a bottle it causes a constriction in the blood vessels of the penis and within four hours you can lose the penis.”

Churns also advised men to clean their penis three times a day in order to protect against infections, and warned against using bottles as sex toys. 

“I truly feel sorry for this guy. What a terrible thing to happen. Now he is ruined forever,” one Daily Mail reader wrote in response to the shocking story.

“I'm sure he was standing around naked, as one tends to do. Then he fell into the bottle, penis first. Perfectly reasonable explanation,” another reader joked on The Huffington Post. 

Sources: Daily Mail, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: Michael Ard/U.S. Navy/ResoluteSupportMedia via Flickr

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