Taco Bell Begins Serving Healthy Steak, Egg & Cheese Breakfasts


The fast-food chain that invented "fourth meal" is now tackling the first -- Taco Bell is serving breakfast. And it certainly isn't of the grapefruit and seven-grain toast variety.

USA Today reports the chain debuted breakfast on Thursday in 800 restaurants, mostly out West. It includes such healthy fare asĀ burritos stuffed with eggs, cheese and either sausage, bacon or steak, as well as sausage and egg wrap.

If you are more of a sugar guy than a saturated fats fan, Taco Bell is teaming with Cinnabon to sell its on-the-road-to-diabetes fare.

"This is a very important launch for our brand," saidĀ Taco Bell Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer Brian Niccol.

Breakfast is the fasted-growing sector of the fast-food market, and Niccol whines that Taco Bell was being left behind.

"Right now, we're not getting our fair share of that," Niccol said. "We want to get our fair share and then some."

The nutrition information for breakfast items has not yet been posted on Taco Bell's website. But with eggs, cheese and meat, the meals are sure to be a diet-buster and artery-clogger.


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