Denver May Charge People to Exercise in Parks (Video)


Denver, Colorado's parks are supported by taxpayer money, but some taxpayers may have to pay double if they use the park for exercise.

Whether or not to charge workout groups (boot camps, Yoga practitioners and joggers) extra fees will be discussed when the Denver City Council meets this Tuesday (video below).

“A lot of these groups really are businesses that provide their goods and services in the park,” Jeff Green, of the Denver Parks and Recreation, told CBS Denver. “If they don’t have a permit, they’re kind of breaking the law.”

“We want people to enjoy our parks and this is kind of balancing the needs and wants of the commercial operators with the way that regular citizens and general park visitors use the park."

The Denver City Council is considering charging folks from $4.50 to $32.50 depending on the park, season and time of day for groups of 25 people or less.

A Denver City Council subcommittee will meet on Tuesday to hear public comment on the proposal.

Source: CBS Denver


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