Burlesque Hula Hoop Video Shot at Los Angeles Fire Department Station


Los Angeles Fire Department Station 63 in Venice, California allowed a video (below) to be shot in the station, which shows a woman dancing inside the firehouse with a hula hoop, high heels and firefighter gear.

The video, titled "Firehouse Burlesque Hula Hooping," was uploaded last week on YouTube by Hoopnotica, a Venice company that promotes using hula hoops for physical fitness, reports the Los Angeles Times.

At one point, a firefighter is seen dancing around with a hula hoop as two other firefighters watch.

Battalion Chief Armando Hogan told the Los Angeles Times that department's professional standards division has launched an investigation.

Last year, the Los Angeles Fire Department launched an investigation after Station 63 and another firehouse allowed department fire engines to be used in porn shoots.


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