TV Station Gives Man on Oxygen Four Minutes to Grab Free Groceries (Video)


WSMV, a TV station in Nashville, Tennessee recently sent its "Surprise Squad" to buy groceries for people at a supermarket in Hermitage, Tennessee.

WSMV news anchor Holly Thompson began the segment by smiling, and stating, "I can just feel it, we're going to make someone's day today."

Not surprisingly, grateful shoppers at the checkout stand gushed when Thompson told them the TV station was picking up their grocery bill (video below).

According, Thompson then chose a man, who was using an oxygen tank, to go through the grocery store and grab as much food as he could in four minutes.

While the shopper seemed happy, he was winded while rushing down the grocery aisles with Thompson and her cameraman.

"How much time do I have?" he gasped while grabbing meat and seafood.

Later, the man thanked Thompson, told her that he had a "very serious illness" and had not been able to work since Thanksgiving.



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