Mesquite High School Pulls Yearbooks Because of Words "Mentally Retarded"


Outside Dallas, Texas, Mesquite High School has recalled its yearbooks because some students were described as "mentally retarded," reports KDFW-TV.

The controversial yearbook included the words: “some of the disabilities the students in the Special Education Program have are being blind, deaf or non-verbal."

The outcry by parents forced the change.

Parent Jana Lazarus told KDFW-TV: “That word is hideous and the fact that it could get put in a yearbook and be overlooked by a faculty adviser which is an adult, I can see the kids doing it and missing it, but not an adult."

The Mesquite Independent School District apologized, saying: “We earnestly regret the term ‘mentally retarded’ was included … and offer our apologies to our students and their families.”

Some students were angry about returning the return their yearbooks, while the principal is expected to call parents and offer another apology. New yearbook should be issued to the students soon.


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