Artist Luke Jerram Makes Viruses, Diseases And Bacteria Look Disturbingly Beautiful (Photos)

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When you think about HIV or the Swine flu, the last thing to come to mind is beauty. But British artist Luke Jerram has found a way to tie the two seemingly completely different things together.

His body of artwork titled “Glass Microbiology” was made to “contemplate the global impact of each disease” by amplifying their sizes, according to Viral Nova

Through his complex glass sculptures, Jerram aims to create “alternative representations of viruses” with artificial color added. In reality, viruses have no color, making these pieces of artwork more beautiful than the deadly prototypes.

Jerram is known for his large public artworks, such as his street pianos installation “Play Me, I’m Yours” which has been presented in over 37 cities so far.

“Glass Microbiology” can be found in museum collections including The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, Shanghai Museum of Glass and the Wellcome Collection in London.


Swine flu

E. Coli

Bird flu


Source: ViralNova, Luke Jerram