Only in Florida: Drunken Paul and Belinda Berloni Tie Grandkid's Toy Car to SUV


One little girl got more excitement than she bargained for on a recent trip to visit grammy and grandpa in Sarasota, Florida.

Paul Berloni, 49, and wife Belinda Berloni, 47, have been arrested for allegedly hooking their granddaughter’s plastic Hot Wheels car to the bumper of their SUV and taking her on a “joy ride" down the street. The kicker: they were both drunk.

Fortunately, a Sarasota County police deputy spotted the little girl trailing behind the SUV wearing a bathing suit and not much else. He put an end to the wonderful family outing before the little girl got hurt and led grandma and grandpa away in cuffs.

Paul was charged with DUI and child endangerment as well as driving with a suspended license. Belinda got off with a single count of child endangerment. Both grandparents of the year maintain that their granddaughter was never in danger and that they were just having a little innocent fun.


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