NFL Fantasy Football Top 50 Picks, Part 1 (50-41)

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Our football drafts are upon us and we all want to know who we should draft. There is plenty of other fantasy cheat sheets out there and mine is different than most of the pros out there. This list is based on how I will draft and maybe it may not be by the rules but I will tell you I have had a lot of success going with my strategy. In today’s NFL, the running backs are losing value and the wide receivers and quarterbacks are gaining it. This will be a five part special as we get to the top ten. So here we go guys, part 1.

50. Michael Crabtree - Crabtree was the last rookie to hold out in 2009 and when he finally joined the 49ers, he was an immediate impact for this team. Vernon Davis may have stole the TDs away from Crabtree but do not

After his holdout ended, Crabtree was an immediate impact and is one of my favorite sleeers in 2010

expect that to happen in 2010. I expect Crabtree to have a big year and is one my sleepers this year. Don’t be afraid to draft this guy earlier. I won’t think any less of you.

49. Marion Barber – I wasn’t expecting much out of the Barbarian this year, but after seeing him in training camp (in person), he looks faster, lighter and just as strong. We don’t expect him going into the season as the starter, but the Cowboys don’t stick to one RB. It is a long season and Barber is no pushover. He put up better numbers backing up Julius Jones because he was the goal line RB. I expect a lot of TDs from this guy.
48. Joseph Addai – Addai is coming off a decent season by putting the ball in 13 times but only 828 rushing yards. Well the Colts are a passing team, and Donald Brown is coming into is sophomore year. Addai will be the starter but don’t expect this guy to be your number one RB. In a 10+ league, he is a descent number 2 RB or flex.

47. Chad Ochocinco - This one is tough. With the addition of Ocho-Uno, expect some pressure getting taken off Ochocinco. He had a pretty good year last year as this whole team improved all around. Ochocinco will be the number one receiver but T.O can easily have a better year than Ochocinco. T.O. is still a good receiver even at his age and is always in football shape. If Ochocinco is not available to you, don’t be afraid to snatch T.O. or if you just have a bigger crush on T.O, take him. I approve that pick. You have a 50/50 shot here on these receivers because either one could steal from the other so good luck with that. Personally I’d take Chad, which is why he is on here and not T.O.

46. Joe Flacco - Mr. Flacco was given another toy named Anquan Boldin in the offseason. Flacco started off strong in 2009 but after that went into a slump. Flacco has all the right mechanics to be a great quarterback and I expect this kid to be more consistent this year. He has a great running game to help take some pressure off and a strong defense to give him more opportunities to be on the field. With Mason and Boldin now his two receivers, expect Flacco to potentially have a big year.

45. Donovan McNabb – Coming from a family where the my dad has always been an Eagle fan and me as a Cowboy fan, this guy has always been a pain on my NFL Sundays. Even though he is on my team’s biggest rival, I have always liked and respected the guy. He is a quarterback that has a dangerous arm and a set of dangerous legs. He may be getting older but I still would fear this guy when he escapes the pocket. He has always had the ability to extend plays and make something out of nothing. He now puts on the maroon with a lot less weapons. However Donovan always found a way to score even without big names in Philadelphia. McNabb is a good quarterback whether or not his surroundings are below mediocre. He will have an average year with a few big games.

43. Felix Jones – Here is another one of my sleepers of 2010. It is hard to call him a sleeper because this guy is always a shoestring away from making a big play. The only draw back for this guy is the crowded backfield in Dallas. Any one of this three headed monster can be a starter in the NFL. Felix did bulk up a little in the offseason so hopefully he didn’t lose to much speed, however it may help shake that injury bug that tends to follow this guy. Keep an eye on this guy because he will be a strong flex player and potentially a starter if you need him to be in a larger league.

42. Jahvid Best – Taking the starting job in Detroit doesn’t sound that great but however last year starter, Kevin Smith, had a pretty consistent year. He was a good choice for a flex position because you had to keep in mind he was on those horrendous Lions. Well the Lions made some improvements on offense in the offseason and picked up a fresh rookie running back in the draft after Kevin Smith went down with an injury late in the season. Jahvid Best could be the start of something good in Detroit as the Lions continue to grow.

41. Steve Smith NYG – Steve Smith had a big year in 2009 and showed that the Giants didn’t need Plaxico “shoot myself” Buress to continue to have that dangerous receiver. He was a football magnet last year having a whopping 107 receptions. That was more than Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, and Larry Fitzgerald. The only guy to catch more Wes Welker but that is no surprise. This guy will be big in a PPR league and will have another great year in New York.

Short and sweet, there is the my bottom 10. However, the wait is short as tomorrow we will jump up another 10.

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