Exploring Vinyasa: Demystifying the Sun Salutation w/ Alanna Kavialya | Yoga Vida NYC this Sunday!

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This is an AMAZING opportunity for beginners, intermediate students, or for teachers who want to learn how to break apart Surya Namaskar!

Join Alanna Kaivalya at Yoga Vida NYC this Sunday, March 6th. Check out all the details below from the studio website:

Exploring Vinyasa: Demystifying the Sun Sun Salutation

Sunday, March 6th | 2pm – 4pm

Sun salutations are ubiquitous in vinyasa practice, but students are often mystified by the particulars regarding how to properly jump back into chaturanga and jump forward from downward dog. And, what about that pesky chaturanga itself? This two hour workshop will give insight into alignment of the poses, as well as clever tips and tricks to make the sun salutation go much more smoothly and successfully for vinyasa practitioners. This workshop is appropriate for all students who want a deeper look at these important movements.

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