Exploring Transitions with Nancy Kate Williams & Simon Park | Pensacola, FL June 22nd

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Calling all Florida yogis! Join Nancy Kate Williams and Simon Park this summer for their workshop, “Exploring Transitions & the Spaces Between”

Wednesday June 22nd from  5:30 – 7:30pm at Abhaya Yoga Center in Pensacola, FL

Check out this message from Williams about the workshop:

The transitions we embark on in life are powerful, amazing opportunities for growth and evolution! On the mat as we honor the spaces between the breath and the postures we allow ourselves to be fully present with the experience. Let your practice be a time to savor, a time to feel, to reflect, and learn to respond rather than reacting. Join us in this fluid conscious flow as we explore the spaces between, playing with fun transitions as a way to bring ourselves more fully into each mOMent!

From the Studio Website:

Nancy Kate and Simon Park are going to teach us an amazing Conscious Flow practice. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the art of transition, exploring the sacred spaces between breath, reflection, posture, event, response, and reaction. Nancy Kate Williams is the co-director of Om Time Teacher Training in Boulder, Co. She teaches a fun, fluid vinyasa with balanced alignment.

Click here for more information and to register for the workshop!