Exclusive Video | John Friend Jams on stage with Barefoot Truth at Wanderlust VT!

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John Friend jams on stage with Barefoot Truth at the Anusara Grand Circle in Vermont!

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Last time we spoke with John Friend he had mentioned that he played drums in a band during high school called “Spectrum”. Of course we believed him, but we needed to see it to really believe it. Unfortunately, we came up empty handed after spending some time scouring the internet for pictures of an early John Friend playing drums on stage.

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This past week we arrived at Wanderlust Festival Vermont a night before it began to catch the last bit of the Anusara Grand Circle and to check out VT locals Barefoot Truth whose concert ended the event. After an amazing set, guess who decided to join the band on stage for one of their final songs? None other than John Friend himself! Check out this amazing video of John rocking the bongos on stage! Guess he really is a “rockstar” yoga teacher after all! We cannot wait to rock out with him and all of the other amazing teachers and musicians in Lake Tahoe for Wanderlust California!