Britney Spears' New Boyfriend David Lucado: Who is He?

This is allegedly the man who could one day win the key to Britney Spears’ heart  - new ‘boyfriend’ David Lucado.

TMZ report that ‘Dave’s’ from Appomattox, Virginia and moved to Atlanta after high school before relocating to LA ‘for a girl’ but that relationship ended and then suddenly he somehow ended up taking Britney Spears out for sushi on Valentine’s Day and golfing dates over the past week.

Apparently he insists they’re just friends and he seems a nice enough guy which, looking back over the other men who’ve been in her life – Sam Lutfi, Adnan Ghalib, K-Fed, Jason Alexander and the creepy trifecta of Jason Trawick, Larry Rudolph and Papa Spears –  is one thing that’s always been missing in her life.

A bit of golf and how’s yer father with a ‘normal’ bloke called Dave from Virginia could be just what the doctor ordered for Spears?