Courtney Stodden Bullied on VH1's Couple's Therapy

If you watch VH1′s Couple’s Therapy then you know what a train wreck Courtney Stodden (then 17) and her husband Doug Hutchison, (52) are. You probably know anyway, but seeing them in social situations on Couple’s Therapy you can see how these two rub people the wrong way. Courtney’s over sexualized mannerisms, her flirtatious behavior and her extremely revealing clothing distracted the couples on the show seeking therapy.

Her butt hung out of her tiny shorts, her boobs swelled over her bra tops and her stripper lucite heels were worn with every outfit. She hit on Nik Richie of right in front of her husband saying, “I’m ready to spread my wings and try new things.” She was referring to her new dress code given to her by the show’s doctor Jenn Berman, but let’s be real, that’s NOT what she was REALLY talking about.

So yeah. Dr. Berman tried to enforce a dress code where Courtney would have to cover up so as to not distract everyone, and even took Courtney out to shop for cute, new clothes to wear. But after one day, Courtney decided she didn’t want to wear jeans and a tank top, she’d rather wear hot pants and bikini tops. So she was asked to leave the show. She obliged and claimed that she was being bullied for her choice in clothing and vowed to stand for what she believes in – which is exploiting herself.

All the other couples can’t stand Doug and Courtney, especially the women. And Doug wasn’t exactly popular either, especially with Nik Richie who called Doug a child molester, which, I think he IS. Doug defended himself saying he was “raising his wife” (like you would a child) and used marriage as a reason that his relationship with the teenager should be socially accepted.

Alex McCord crammed dollar bills in Courtney’s tiny shirt on last week’s episode showing her disgust for the teenagers blatant sexuality. Shayne Lamas, Nik Richie’s wife, was ecstatic when Courtney was asked to leave and she joked about how sad she was because she was hoping to get some fashion tips from her.

On this week’s episode the remaining couples continue their “Dourtney” bashing after Courtney and Doug have left and apparently Dr. Jenn loses her shit over it. Nik wears a shirt that says, “Dourtney is Dead” and Simon van Kempen struts around in a Speedo pretending to be Courtney. Dr. Jenn scolds the couples, ”The way you behaved shocked me. In 20-some odd years of doing therapy never ever have I seen people regress like this into such adolescent behavior.”

So what do you think? Was Courtney “bullied” on the show? Because I don’t think so. Courtney wanted attention, and she got it. Perhaps it wasn’t positive attention, but any attention for Courtney seems to satisfy her need for it.