Video: TLC Series 'Big Sexy' Shows the Trials of Overweight Women in New York City

| by Michael Allen

TLC is launching a new three-part series called ‘Big Sexy,’ which features five plus-sized women - Leslie, Tiffany, Audrey, Nikki and Heather - who try to take over Manhattan and make plus-size sexiness more mainstream.

The women don't shy away from showing it all on camera, including a vagazzling session. This new bleep-filled preview clip (video below) captures how feisty they are.

(Photo and Video by TLC)

In the clip, four of the ladies are trying to get into a club after a fashion show, but they have to wait as skinnier girls are let in before them. They’re then told that they have to pay $30 when everyone ahead of them is let in for free.

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