Video: Madonna Uses Guns and Blood to Open Concert Tour

Madonna kicked off her 28-country world tour on Thursday, wishing peace to the Middle East as she performed dance routines with violence and blood (video below).

The 53-year-old singer mixed hit songs with tunes from her recent album, 'MDNA,' before a packed audience in Tel Aviv, Israel.

At one point, Madonna took a shot at  Lady Gaga (video below).

"She's not me!" Madonna sang at the end of 'Express Yourself,' which she had reworked to include a sampling of Lady Gaga's recent 'Born This Way.'

For her song 'Gang Bang,' Madonna wrestled with armed intruders whom she shot with a pistol, causing their "blood" to spatter across a video backdrop.

In a dance routine for 'Revolver,' she wielded a Kalashnikov rifle, used by many modern-day insurgents, while one of her dancers used an Israeli Uzi.

In between the mock violence and gore, Madonna gave a peace speech (video below): "I chose to start my world tour in Israel for a very specific and important reason. As you know, the Middle East and all the conflicts that have been occurring here for thousands of years... they have to stop."

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