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SimCity is Back!

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To be honest, my friends, I simply geek-orgasmed when I saw the debut trailer for the new SimCity game by Maxis and EA. SimCity was one of the first games that I truly obssessed over because of that sense of being the creator had a certain appeal to me. Building your city from one small block into a spralling metropolis with careful care to locations to certain functions - and then watching it all spiral out of control as you punish those puny pixelated people just because you can. HAHAHA! Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to get carried away there. What was I saying again?

Oh yes, through the years, the gameplay and style of Sim games by EA has changed, even spawning the ever popular life-sim game, The Sims, Sim games will now come full circle in 2013 when the new SimCity is set to be released. With the new SimCity, the original world building gameplay returns with a bunch of new features.



For one, multiplayer will now be included in the game, adding a certain level of stragedy and planning as you can choose to either play nice with your new neighbors by lending a hand when they need it or being a bad neighbor and adding to the chaos that a metropolis already must deal with. Also, Sims living in your city can directly speak to you, begging you to accomplish certain demands and rewarding you every time you do so.



SimCity will also allow you to not only manage a single Sims life, manage single aspects of city life, or balance multiple city management situations at once. This is all thanks to the new GlassBox Engine developed by EA and Maxis. With this new level of control and customization to SimCity, old and new fans should enjoy the new SimCity like no other Sim game before it.





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