Video: College Student Blows Easy Answer on 'Wheel of Fortune'


On a recent episode of 'Wheel of Fortune,' a college student from Portland, Oregon was stumped with only two letters left in two words (video below).

'Zach' hesitated as he tried to figure out this puzzle: M-A-G-_-C and _A-N-D.

He got the first word, 'magic," but had trouble with the second word.

The game show's host Pat Sajack joked by saying "Can he do it?"

Right before the buzzer sounded, the Reed College student finally said "wand" in the way that rhymed with "sand," which didn't cut it.

Still, Zach won $20,000, but lost a Toyota Prius. Sajack tried to comfort him: "Well, it's a weird game. You just never know."


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