'I’m Not a Colored Woman' Says Atlanta TV News Anchor (Video)

| by Michael Allen

CBS 46 news anchor Michelle Burdo was doing a segment about hair tips yesterday when she informed her audience that she was "not a colored woman."

Burdo was standing next to an African-American woman when she made the comment on "Better Mornings Atlanta," notes (video below).

“I’m not a colored woman, but I have kinky hair just like her,” said Burdo. "And when you have to straighten it every day, it's..."

"Healthier," added the African-American woman.

This morning, Burdo apologized and claimed that she was referring to her hair, reports

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“Yesterday, I made a pretty insensitive remark during one of our segments here on Better Mornings Atlanta," stated Burdo. "I apologize... Once again, I truly want to say from the bottom of my heart that I really am sorry about that comment. I made that comment in reference to my hair color, but I used an inappropriate term.”

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