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Top 10 from Oprah's 'Favorite Things' in 2012

You get a car! You get a car! Sound familiar? We thought so. Oprah’s talk show might not be on air anymore, but we all remember the giveaway episodes during which she’d give every member of the audience all her favorite products at the time. Well, she’s not giving away any cars this year, or even suggesting any to her fans, but Oprah still compiled a list of 50 of her favorite things from 2012.

Everything from an elliptical to a bike helmet to a block of goat cheese is featured, but she didn’t forget to include clothes, jewelry, and beauty products for her fashionista fans. Check out the top 10 fashion and beauty picks from Oprah’s Favorite Things list!

Ralph Lauren Cable V-Neck Sweater

Oprah insists she has these “supersoft” sweaters in every color and that she wears them all year long. They’re made from mercerized cotton, which adds some luster and luxury to the tops. The sweaters are $198 each.

Coach Puffers

These $458 jackets from Coach are insulated with down and finished with a shearling collar and leather trim. Even though it’s a puffer, the company claims it has a “slim silhouette,” which Oprah agrees with. She says the coat keeps you “nice and warm without making you look like the Incredible Hulk.”

P.Jamas Back Home Pajama Set

“I could live in these,” exclaims Oprah about this $160 set of satiny pima cotton pajamas. They’re perfect for a cozy night and home and make you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. The pajamas comes in a few different colors, each accented with real mother of pearl buttons.

To see the rest of the top 10 picks from Oprah’s Favorite Things 2012, check out Be Voguish!

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