Taylor Swift ”I’m Actually Really Good at Being Single”

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Taylor Swift is single and as she says, ”I’m actually really good at being single.”

She explained,

As much as I love to complain about it, I’m actually very independent and I’m fine. I’m really good by myself. But I do love to complain about being single, even though I’m really I’m fine with it.”

If she didn’t complain about it, she might not have so many hit songs.

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The 22-year-old country and pop singer says that she doesn’t have any “type” when it comes to men, and “I’m random. There’s no way to predict a pattern. That’s what my friends tell me. So, that’s also kind of good, [it] sets the bar low for the future.”

She added that usually her success doesn’t “ever bothers guys when things are good, like, in the beginning. I think it bothers them in the end when things aren’t good, but that’s not, then it’s not really my problem anymore — to care what they think about it.”