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Talk Show Host Steve Wilkos Hit In The Face With A Metal Pole (VIDEO)

Steve Wilkos was hit right in the face with a metal bowl after a fight broke out among guests on his reality television talk show.

The former Jerry Springer bodyguard was struck just above the eye and temporarily lost his vision after a fight broke out on stage.

Wilkos show was interrupted days ago with an emergency zombie alert and now he’s getting smacked down on television.

Steve Wilkos was taping a segment called “My daughter tried to poison me,” and one lady goes nuts and grabs a chair, before throwing a metal bowl at Wilkos.

He puts his hands up to his face in pain before falling to the ground.

Immediately after the incident, a woman yells, “Ohhhhh you going to jail!!!”

Wilkos was briefly hurt but suffered no serious injuries. The bowl ended up with a large dent in it, but has now been bolted down to prevent any future injuries.

Steve’s own talk show premiered in September 2007, showing the former bodyguard using his abrasive approach to solve disputes.

He was previously known for breaking up fights on T”he Jerry Springer Show”.


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