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Kardashian Clothing Line Made by Child Labor

Many of you might not remember this, but back in the day when Kathie Lee Gifford co-hosted Regis & Kathie Lee she also had a clothing line and advertised it everywhere and she was at the top of her fame game. Then news broke that all her products were made in sweatshops and she was finished. People don't like to see celebrities taking advantage of kids to make their money. It is like one step below profiting off those kids who sell candy bars outside grocery stores.

Star Magazine is reporting that not only are the Kardashian clothing lines made by child labor, but that many of the products they endorse are also made by child labor. I find it ironic that Kim just bragged about how much she cares about charitable things and that is why she went to Haiti. You know, because she cares and s**t. Then two days later you find out she does not care enough to check on her business and how it exploits children so she can make money. She probably was also looking to see if she could gather up some Haitian children to work sewing her clothes for less money than she is paying kids elsewhere in the world.

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