Pro-Immigration Group Says 'Superman is an Immigrant'

| by Michael Allen

The pro-immigration group "Define American" has a Tumblr page entitled "We Are the American Way," which recently posted a feature called "Superman Is An Immigrant."

The page references the newly released Superman film in its sub-title: "Superman is an American. Like Superman, we are the American way."

The website also states: "Superman is an immigrant. Born on Krypton, he came to this country with the promise of Hope — the symbol he bears on his chest. Many of our families also have a history of immigration. We share Superman’s hope and we continue his fight for truth, justice and the American Way."

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The Tumblr page features pictures of people, who have immigrated to the United States or have ancestors that did, holding up signs about their stories, which include hand-drawn images of the iconic "S" symbol of Superman.

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