Pictures: Heidi Klum's Wacky Halloween Costumes

| by Michael Allen

Every year, 38-year-old supermodel and mom Heidi Klum dresses in a wacky costume for her famous Halloween parties. Her costumes have included a sexy cat, Hindu god Kali and a Transformer.

This year, she is going nude with a painted on body suit of the human body. Her other costume is choice is a monkey. Why two costumes? Heidi and her husband Seal are holding two Halloween parties, one in Las Vegas and the other in New York.

She's allowed Us magazine a sneak peek at her outfits below.



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In 2008, her costume of the Goddess Kali (below) sparked outrage from Hindu leaders who demanded an apology. "I loved my costume and I love Halloween," an unapologetic Klum said at the time.

"I mean that is one of my most favorite times of the year. I've done so many different things. This was probably my tenth time and I've done so many people like Betty Boob and Lady Godiva and it’s always a take on someone. You’re not that person."