Picture: Lady Gaga Gives the Finger in LAX

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The middle-finger gesture is very much suited to the American, whilst the V-sign always seems far more British. Lady Gaga attempted both while exiting LAX, wearing just tights and a bra. Let’s see how she got on…

All in all she’s a master at giving the finger – holding both aloft in defiance of what a surprisingly grotty airport LAX is, considering the destination. But she’s just not pulling off the two-fingered salute in the way that a Liam Gallagher or a Sid Vicious would’ve done.

Still, she shouldn’t be disheartened. Few people can do both in such a short space of time. We’d suggest giving the neglected wanker-hand a go, or the traditional fist-clenched, bent-elbow (with Tother arm clasping) “up yours” as made popular by the Carry On films. 

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