Picture: Jessica Biel Not Wearing Her Engagement Ring

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Jessica Biel's only been engaged to Justin Timberlake for a few weeks and she's already not wearing her ring. Gee, what could possibly go wrong? From the New York Daily News:

Jessica Biel looked radiant when she walked the red carpet at Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards — even if she was missing some bling. The actress accessorized her long-sleeved Elie Saab gown with a number of jewels, however it didn't take long before many noticed something important missing: her engagement ring from fiance Justin Timberlake.

Instead, the bare-fingered 29-year-old, who reportedly accepted Timberlake's proposal during the couple's vacation in Montana over the holidays, wore a number of sparklers from Tiffany & Co. on her right hand. Biel had onlookers puzzled the previous night as well. She stepped out sans engagement ring to attend W magazine's Best Performances Issue party at Hollywood's Chateau Marmont.

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Wait a cotton pickin' second -- does this mean I have another shot at Biel? I wish you'd give me a real answer and stop with this cryptic messages. I know that girlie-voice Timberlake is a big deal, but you can certainly do better. Not only do I own a billion dollar website, but I'm also a bullfighter, deep sea diver, and Ron Jeremy's stand in.