Park Jae Sang's “Gangnam Style” Video Goes Viral

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Underground hip-hop artist Park Jae Sang may just come above ground with the release of a music video that’s touted as the best of the year.

The South Korean artist, who graduated from Berklee College of Music, is known in the underground scene for his “sense of humor and unique concerts,” says Wikipedia.

His first single in two years is “Gangnam Style,” and the music video accompanying it is making quite the round on the Internet. “Gangnam Style” is the first single off his upcoming 6th album that will soon be released.

Perhaps one Reddit commentator explains the video and song best: “Gangnam is the fancy schmancy rich part of Seoul. The video is making light of him singing about what a classy dude he is while screaming at yoga butts and dancing in garages and junk.”

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