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Video: NY Police Officer Larry Deprimo Buys Homeless Man Pair of Shoes

A New York police officer named Larry Deprimo’s act of kindness to a homeless man has gone viral after an Arizona tourist quietly captured the heartwarming photo of the officer kneeling down to give a homeless man warm boots.

The woman shared the grainy cellphone photo with the NYPD, who posted the touching photo on their Facebook page and identified the officer.

Officer Lawrence “Larry” Deprimo, who is normally assigned to the Sixth Precinct in the West Village, was pretty shocked to learn of the photo’s existence.

But, he remembers that day clearly, stating, “It was freezing out and you could see the blisters on the man’s feet. I had two pairs of socks and I was still cold.”

He began chatting with the homeless man and found out the man wore a size 12 in shoes. Officer DePrimo went into a Skechers shoe store at about 9:30 p.m to find the man some warm boots.

Jose Cano, the manager at the store that evening recalls, “We were just kind of shocked. Most of us are New Yorkers and we just kind of pass by that kind of thing. Especially in this neighborhood.”

Cano volunteered to give the officer his employee discount to bring down the regular $100 price of the all-weather boots to a little more than $75.

DePrimo said, “He was the most polite gentleman I had met”.

The officer presented the winter boots and thermal socks as he knelt down and put the boots on the man.

“He smiled from ear to ear,” DePrimo said. “It was like you gave him a million dollars.”

The officer asked the man if he wanted a cup of coffee, but he graciously declined and went on his way.

“I didn’t think anything of it,” DePrimo said of his generosity.

But later that night, he got a text message from a friend. The photo had gone viral.

“I was absolutely shocked,” he said.

The officer has kept the receipt in his vest since then “to remind me that sometimes people have it worse."



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