New Pictures From 'Breaking Dawn' Released, Bella and Edward's Wedding

| by Michael Allen

New pictures from the highly anticipated film ‘Breaking Dawn’ have been released, revealing scenes of Bella and Edward's wedding, honeymoon and post-nuptial drama.  In one pic, Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed are preparing Bella, played by Kristen Stewart, for her wedding to vampire Edward.

Bella fears that she is too young to be married, despite her love for Edward. But the moment she sees her vampire mate waiting at the altar, her worries disappear and the couple marry.


(Photo by Summit Entertainment)

After the wedding, Edward whisks Bella for a romantic honeymoon on the Cullen family's private island, Isle Esme. The couple zooms through the ocean in a high-powered speed boat.

But their happiness is short-lived when Bella discovers she is pregnant. With a vampire growing inside of her, Bella's life is in danger, so the couple rushes back home.


(Photo by Summit Entertainment)

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson discussed their anxiety over filming the dramatic scenes during their appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con earlier this summer. “I was as nervous and terrified as I expected to be,' Kristen said during a question and answer session. Robert admitted he was terrified of stripping off for the honeymoon scenes. “Embarrassingly, the thing I was most nervous about was to take my shirt off.”


(Photo by Summit Entertainment)

The movie will be released November 18, 2011.