'Modern Family' Recap for 2/20/13

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Check out this week’s Modern Family recap, before your life turns into a music-less, gray hellscape…

Phil excitedly preps for his all-important bowling match as a new member of Jay’s team, before being thrown aside like AIDS at a cancer benefit…

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The average American throws away 82lbs of clothes:

After inheriting baby Joe for the day from Gloria, Mitchell and Cam find themselves a new model to use in their Oscars photo shoot.  With the help of Lily as an assistant, it’s not long before Joe has a blonde wig glued to his head like Laffy Taffy hugging a tooth.

Claire’s getaway to past triumphs, aka her college reunion, hits a deer in the road in the form of Phil.  He foolishly mixes up Tater (Bud Bundy from Married with Children, or his real name – David Faustino) with her real ex-flame, her past professor.  It’s not before long that she realizes her choice in life was the right one.

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The average American throws away 82lbs of clothes:

All good news in the Pritchett household, as Jay takes home the bowling gold, Manny lands the solo, Gloria gets a spa day, and Luke eats the last piece of Colombian cake.  Really, the only one who did not make out on this particular day is baby Joe, who receives a botched wig haircut, while everyone cares less as each family member walks away with a little lie stuffed under a collective bloated rug…

A Few Last Thoughts…

  • An entire episode without Hayley or Alex save for a few seconds in the conclusion…
  • “Well, you may as well be a dead hobo in the woods of a small town after a rainstorm because you have just been discovered!” – Cam to baby Joe
  • “My allergies are starting to cry.” – Phil
  • “We’ve had my dad’s baby for 45 minutes and he’s already in a dress.” – Mitchell
  • “I’m working on a plan B or should I say, a plan Bieber.” – Cam after giving the baby’s wig a haircut
  • “I’ve regretted throwing away things way more beaten up than Claire, so if this Campus Casa Nova had thoughts of reclaiming her, guess what hot-shot, I still own her.” – Phil

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