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Mary J. Blige "Passed Out" at Game, Rumors of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

It’s time for more completely reckless, shameful speculation from MediaTakeOut.

The easily duped and routinely flat-out WRONG site goes after Mary J. Blige in a new post, spreading the rumor that the singer was “passed out” and either drunk or on drugs at a Brooklyn Nets basketball game on Tuesday.

“Mary had a long battle with alcohol and narcotics,” writes the blog. “Hopefully she ain’t BACK ON THAT STUFF again.”

And what evidence does the webloid have to raise such a serious matter?

A photograph of Blige’s eyes half shut.

That’s it.

MTO can’t even muster phony eyewitness accounts or anonymous secondhand chatter about Blige.

Just a picture of the singer, at a random moment during the Nets game, with her eyes not fully open.

That was enough for MediaTakeOut to raise questions of drug abuse.

The outlet is frequently careless in its “reporting,” but this instance veers toward something much worse — and it’s 100 percent NOT TRUE.

Blige was not “passed out” — from substances or otherwise — at the game.

She’s just the latest victim of an MTO smear piece.

A rep for the singer tells Gossip Cop the allegations are “completely fabricated and untrue.”

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