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Rumor: Mariah Carey Uses “$1,900 Diaper Cream” on Babies

Mariah Careys twins, Monroe and Moroccan, have a beauty regime that even A-list adults would balk at!” reports Star.

The mag, which in the past has wrongly claimed Carey was quitting “American Idol” and had asked Rihanna to move in with her, reports that she and husband Nick Cannon use “$1,900 diaper cream” on their one-year-old babies’ bottoms.

Say what?!

According to the tabloid, the parents buy “priceyLa Mer moisturizer” which costs “$150 per ounce” for the children.

A supposed “friend” of Carey’s tells the rag, “Nothing is too good for Mariah’s babies,” adding, “She probably spends $6,000 a month on the lotion alone so the kids don’t have diaper rash.”

And that’s not the end of Monroe and Moroccan’s expensive “beauty regime,” says Star.

Carey and Cannon also give the kids “bubble baths using only bottled water.”


Do the one-year-olds also have their own stylists? Personal shoppers? Masseurs?


Like the mag’s previous misfires about Carey and Cannon’s family, this story iscompletely ridiculous.

A rep for Carey tells Gossip Cop the tab’s tale is “idiocy.”

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