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Rumor: George Clooney Must Choose Between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's Weddings

George Clooney Caught Between Jen & Brad!” screams a headline in Star, which claims that the Oscar-winner is now “the most sought-after wedding guest,” and “has to choose sides in Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s race to the altar.”

According to the tabloid, “With Jen now engaged to Justin Theroux and Brad to Angelina Jolie, both betrothed couples are trying to persuade George to attend their wedding — and not the other’s!”

For real?

“Jen and Brad are fighting over George like children,” says a so-called “insider,” who adds, “If George had his way, he’d skip both! The truth is, he doesn’t even believe in the institution of marriage, and he find the ceremonies terribly boring.”

Star has NO idea what “the truth is.”

The magazine has been WRONG about Clooney over and over and over again.

A rep for Clooney tells Gossip Cop the tab’s claims are “not true.”

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