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Dina Lohan Says Lindsay is 'Fine' After Visit to E.R.

Who knew Dina Lohan reads Bohomoth? When I mentioned the worst mother in America (she pips Kris Jenner to the post- just) often passing off daughter Lindsay’s many hospitalisations for drug overdoses in the past as “asthma” yesterday, as if by magic in a puff of crack smoke she appears and uses that exact same excuse for Sunday night’s emergency room episode.

Dina told The Daily News: “Lindsay had not been feeling well all last week following a week of high pollen counts in New York”

She added: “She has had bronchial asthma ever since she was little.”

First of all, I’m no doctor but I’ve self-medicated for long enough to know that if your asthma’s that bad, you’d carry an inhaler and other emergency meds with you everywhere you go and, take the vast array of anti-pollen meds available as a precaution.

You also wouldn’t chain-smoke if a bit of pollen could prove to be near-fatal.

And why exactly Dina would drink, smoke and do lines with her daughter when she was still a teen remains a mystery, but rest-assured, Dina’s going to keep up the denial charade and disguising herself as a ‘friend’ she further told the NYDN: “Dina brought Lindsay to the hospital emergency room herself.”

“She’s at Dina’s home now, resting. Her mother is keeping a close eye on her. She’s safe.”

‘Safe’ and ‘Dina’s’ and ‘close eye’ shouldn’t even be written in the same sentence together, I bet Lindsay has to sew her wraps of coke under her skin just so she can sleep at night for fear of it being robbed when she’s staying at her mum’s house.

It’s got to the stage now where Lindsay could be lying in the morgue dead and Dina would be calling up reporters to tell them she’s ‘just a bit tired’ and that she’s ‘resting on one of the beds at the morgue whilst doing charity work’. Sh-t, I shouldn’t give her ideas.

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